Baked Beet and Bean Cheeseburger Sliders

A baked vegetarian slider perfect for entertaining and eating healthy.

Summer is here, and that means burgers. I’m not just looking for any burger, though. I want a healthy burger Read More →

Small Fact Friday: Eggplants and Storage

Eggplants are sensitive to cold, so keep eggplants wrapped in the fridge and use within 1-2 days. #smallfactfriday

Get more small facts on food and nutrition here. Source: Vegetable Literacy, Deborah Madison

Eggplant and Collard Quinoa with Hummus Dressing

A quinoa salad with roasted eggplant and sautéed collard greens topped with a protein-packed hummus dressing.

This post is one of the first for my new collaboration with The Wellbeing Network! The Wellbeing Network is dedicated Read More →

Small Fact Friday: Chia as an Egg Replacement

1 tbsp of ground chia and 3 tbsp of water makes a good egg substitute for baking. #smallfactfriday

Get more small facts on food and nutrition here.

Smashed Pea Zucchini Pasta

A plant-based zucchini pasta with smashed peas and dill.

I was never a big pasta person. When I do eat pasta or noodles, it’s usually in ramen or another Read More →

Healthy Eating 101: Exploring and Experimenting

Break out of your current food patterns and try a new fruit, vegetable, or pantry staple.

This is part of a series I’ve been creating for Azumio! Azumio is an app company dedicated to improve health Read More →

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